Go Figure

I am back at school for the fall semester. I aced all of my summer classes, and I hope I can do the same again this fall. I did have to drop a class (Principles of Management) because I just didn’t have time for it, what with working full time plus doing the Mommy Boogie. There’s only so many hours in the day, and in order to be a good time manager I had to drop Management class. Go figure.
In the good news department, Carl and I finally completed refinishing the old china cabinet. This is the piece my Mom and Dad started refinishing 35 years ago, and now it’s done. We had a little trouble making the glass fit, plus Carl had to make a new part to replace the one Moose Mutt chewed (see blogs from February 2007) but long story short, the cabinet is together and standing in my dining room. I filled it with my Pfaltzgraff dishes, and it seems to be holding them pretty well. I took pictures (see below) and after the pictures my Mom gave me two pieces that had been in the china cabinet when Grandma had it: my Dad’s baby cereal bowl, and a small blue glass pitcher with a picture of Shirley Temple on it. A pitcher with a picture. Go figure.
I’m ready for fall. I can’t wait for the weather to change into those crispy, cool days that require you to drag out your sweatshirts and ankle boots. Wearing shorts and sandals has been nice, but I’m ready for the leaves to change and harvest to start. Already the soybeans are getting “rusty” and losing leaves, and the corn is turning from green to gold. I only hope we don’t get an early frost – I’d hate to lose my tomatoes too soon. My Mom came up for a day in mid August and taught me how to can tomatoes in a hot water bath. That was fun! And now that I know how to do it I can try canning other things like peaches and salsa and spaghetti sauce. For someone who doesn’t like to cook, I seem to find ways to keep me behind the stove in the kitchen. Go figure.
Meanwhile, I am now very tired, so I want to go to bed. Here I am, a college student (albeit part time) and I’m looking at the clock, seeing that it’s almost 10 PM and thinking that it’s nearly past my bedtime while my classmates are just starting their evenings. I feel like such a geezer. Go figure.

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