News Update

Well, we broke a temperature record here last night. The old record was 36, and we hit 32. Brrrrr! Oh, and our high school football team won their game last night, 21-17. Go Bobcats!

Speaking of football – Iowa State beat Iowa 15 – 13 today. Everyone expected Iowa to win because they were 2-0 and ISU was 0-2, but I guess the Hawkeyes left their A-game at home. Oh well. Too bad for them. Go Cyclones!

And since football is the subject, I’ll tangent a little bit to soccer and tell you that Mary had her first game of the fall season today. I missed it because I had a long standing appointment to get my hair done (how lame does that sound?) but the good news is that Mary made the first goal for her team today!!! Her game has improved so much. I’m really proud of her, and I’m looking forward to going to the rest of her games this season. Her team is called The Heartbreakers (no, we haven’t see Tom Petty around here) so Go Heartbreakers!

That is all the news for the moment. You may now return to your regularly scheduled life.

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