Here We Go Again

Last Saturday, as the girls and I were returning home from a soccer game, I noticed what looked like a real estate sign in front of an old farmhouse on the Norway blacktop. Turns out that this old house, built in 1898, is up for auction along with the 2.33 acres it sits on. From what research I’ve done, I’ve discovered that the house in uninhabitable, but the acreage itself is primo, so Carl and I decided to see what it would take to attend the auction and bid on the property. To that end, we went to our bank today to see what they would do for us, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. They pre-approved a loan to buy the acreage should we win the auction, plus they extended our line-of-credit home equity loan to cover the 10% down that’s required of the winner on auction day. We have a maximum bid price in mind; however, from what I’ve heard these acreages usually go for a lot more than we’re willing to pay. But we’re at least going to try.

Here’s the thing, though – securing the financing went so well that I feel like God has something in store for us, and soon. Hopefully it’s a good something and not a bad something we’ll be spending money on, but nonetheless I feel like we’re getting set up for a major event. Otherwise, I don’t think we’d have gotten the loans.

If we should win the auction, here’s what we have in mind to do: first, we’ll take a really good look around the grounds and through the house to see if there’s anything salvageable. My uncle Bob has a metal detector, so he’ll scan the grounds to see if he can find anything useful. Once we’re done salvaging, we’ll contact the local volunteer fire departments and see if any of them want to burn our house down as a training exercise. If they don’t, then we’ll demolish the house manually. (This is something Carl’s done before.) Once the old house is gone, we’ll put up a new one. There’s a rural water connection on the edge of the property so we won’t have to dig a well, but we will need to put in a new septic system. I have alot of ideas of what I’d want in a new house. I figure I can at least dream big.

The auction is Saturday the 20th. I’ll blog then to let y’all know what happened.

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