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My Mom made Hannah a sweatshirt in her school colors, blue and gold. On it is a picture of a trombone and the words “Proud To Be A Band Geek”. Yesterday it was finally cold enough that she could wear it to school, and her teachers and classmates loved it. They thought it was cool! Not only that, but one of her pals told her that because it was in the school colors it was even cooler!! For once, being a geek is good.

We got 1.75 inches of rain last night. Everything is soaked, and the practice soccer field was partially flooded this morning. I wonder if they’ll practice tonight. If she played rugby I wouldn’t be wondering.

In 48 hours Carl and I will know if a new house is in our future or not. The auction starts at 10 AM and they’re selling the property first. Did I already mention that somewhere? I forgot.

Team Moose Mutt is on top of the Eastview football fantasy league. Now I’m paranoid, like a pheasant in a clump of weeds surrounded by hunters and dogs.

I bought a bag of peanut butter taffy last night. You know, the chewy candy wrapped in black and orange waxed paper that’s only available at Halloween. I love the stuff, but I can only have a piece or two a day since I’m still watching my weight. At this rate, it’ll last until Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I’m disgusted by the fact that stores are putting out their Christmas stuff before Halloween, even before Boo-Boo’s birthday (which was Monday – she’s 10!!) I refuse to shop for Christmas before Thanksgiving, except for the occasional toy or clothing item that’s on a special sale, or on clearance. And I have no clue what to get the girls for Christmas. Hannah is especially difficult because I don’t know her size and she’s not into alot of teenage “trendy” stuff. Maybe we’ll do what we did last year, and give them money with the caveat that there’s a limit on how much they can spend on toys. On the other hand, when we did that last year, we ended up with two cats in addition to our very large dog. Argh.

Speaking of pets, can someone send me a reminder e-mail saying that I need to give the dog a bath on Sunday? Saturday’s too busy for his bath, and the poor mutt stinks to high heaven. It’s supposed to be warm on Sunday, so I think that will be my best chance. I’d e-mail myself, but I’m at school and can’t get to my e-mail, except for my school e-mail, and that’s a major pain in the butt to access, so I’d rather have one of you nice readers e-mail my reminder to me. Thanks!

Meanwhile, speaking of school, that’s going well. I’m only taking two classes, but I appear to be acing them. Plus, the instructor who’s advising me on my Honors project is very pleased with my work, so I’d say things are moving along quite pleasantly.

And now, for my last random:

Diet Mountain Dew makes a wonderful appetite suppressant. Prosit!!

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