The Return of Blatherskite

Well, since my last posting, we’ve had two more snow days. That makes a grand total of 13. The school district is trying to figure out how to make up the time without extending the school year any farther than June 5th. Good luck to them.

In today’s travels (to and from KCC) I saw a car with a bumper sticker that said, “Ban Mercury from Vaccines. Stop poisoning our kids!” As I read this, the driver tossed a cigarette out of her window. Good grief. Don’t poison our kids with mercury, but second hand smoke is OK? Not to mention polluting the environment with what you throw out the window. Some example she sets.

Meanwhile, the weather here is slowly getting better. We’ve had several days of temperatures above freezing, so alot of snow has melted. The 10-foot tall drifts along W-28 are now only 6 feet high. With all of the melting, of course, has come some flooding, but nothing too drastic yet. Not that flooding would affect me: I live on a hill. The melt-off is exposing stuff that was hidden for weeks: my Dutch yard figures, my birdbath, the sign at the end of W-28 that says “Cedar Rapids 26 miles” and scores of fence posts. Also exposed are all of the poochie bombs in the back yard that got covered with layers of snow. All over the drifts along the fence, it’s doots, doots, doots, looking out my back door. They’re everywhere!

Why, all of the sudden, do I have a desire to listen to Credence Clearwater Revival?

Anyway. Along with the warmer weather is a harbinger of spring that I watch for every year. I haven’t seen one yet, but today for the first time I heard the distictive song of red-wing blackbirds. They’re true migrants (robins aren’t) so when the red-wings come back, spring is near.

And the nearer, the better.

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One thought on “The Return of Blatherskite

  1. “Doots, doots, doots, lookin’ out my back door” — Nancy, that was HILARIOUS! I know I laughed out loud longer than I have almost all year.

    Just be careful what you give Judah to drink, so you don’t look out and see “Green River.”


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