Weather Or Not

It’s been a weird few days here in Iowa. Wednesday was beautiful – warm and sunny. Yesterday it started raining, and it rained on and off for about 36 hours. Rainfall levels varied from 2″ – 6″ (at our house we got 2-1/2″) and with the ground already saturated from the meltoff of our record snowfall and the rain we’ve had after it, well, the water had nowhere to go but downstream. Every major waterway is flooded, and depending on where you are you may not be able to get past the road closings.

This is very reminiscent of 1993, when it started flooding in April and didn’t leave off until late August. I vividly remember that year because the flooding seriously impacted me and my family. Carl had lots of problems trying to find roads across the Iowa River that were open. The Mississippi River in Davenport rose so high that River Drive was closed and the downtown was pretty much shut down. I worked for the state Department of Agriculture, and after the waters receded we had to assess the flood damage that affected the farmers along the Iowa River. I was amazed at the destruction. The river channel had changed in several places, and the piles of sand and silt were sometimes 5 feet deep. The winter of 1992 – 1993 was pretty snowy, too, so the similarities keep increasing.


But back to today. This afternoon, around 2PM, the temperature was 72 and it was sunny. Now the temperature is 44, the sky is cloudy (again) and the wind is really blowing from the northwest. It’s supposed to stay cold through the weekend, and we may even get snow on Sunday.


All of this bad weather has played havoc on the AYSO soccer season. The start of the season was delayed (apparently you can’t play in the snow) so they rescheduled the games for Saturdays and Sundays instead of just Saturdays. But last weekend, the fields were too wet to play on, so AYSO had to tweak the schedule again. And – you guessed it – the rainfall of the past 36 hours has cancelled this weekend’s games, too. I don’t know if they’ll get any games in at all. The fields they use in Ladora are in the Bear Creek bottom lands, and if the Iowa River is flooded (which it is) then Bear Creek is flooded. Apparently you can’t play soccer in flood water, either.

Ick. Icky, icky, icky, ick.

And did I mention – ICK!!!

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