First Impressions

I started my new job at Design Engineers today. I got there at a reasonably decent time, did the tour, met my new co-workers, and filled out paperwork. I’m temporarily set up at a table in the Company President’s office, but when they get the new furniture next week I’ll move in with the CAD techs. I sat in with Ryan (the most senior of the CAD techs) and watched him do some edit work. I was happy: this is the way I thought CAD tech jobs should be. An engineer gives you a marked-up drawing, you do the CAD work, and then return the edited drawing to whoever gave you the original. They have one guy who sets up a “starter drawing” with every new project so there’s a standard already set for blocks, layers and text. As you learn more, you can get promoted to designer status. This is the way a Drafting Department should be run, and I figured I could get settled in real easy.

Then at noon, my cell phone rang. It was the elementary school. Mary had come in saying she didn’t feel well, and she had a temperature of 102 degrees. Someone had to go get her, and I was on the phone negotiating with Carl over who was going to go when Ron Foster, the Company President said, “You really should go. You don’t have any deadlines to meet, and you can start over again tomorrow. Go home and take care of your daughter.” Wow. What an incredibly super nice guy! Honestly, Mr. Foster is just the kindest person you’d ever want for a boss. He understood I was conflicted about leaving, but he made the situation seem like nothing. He had (obviously) been listening to Carl and I talking, and he figured out that Carl was supposed to do some test flight work today, so even though it was my first day it was more convenient for me to go than for Carl. So I grabbed my stuff, checked out for the day with Steve Foster (Ron’s son and the head of Administration) and picked up Mary from school. A doctor’s visit revealed that she has strep throat, so now she’s on antibiotics and will be for a while. Carl’s staying home with her tomorrow, and she should be well enough to go back to school on Thursday.

Sheesh! What a way to start a new job. I wonder what else is going to happen. Or maybe, I just don’t want to know. 😛

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  1. wow. the new job sounds great. I wish our office ran that smoothly. our CAD standards are laughable and each draftsman goes about things in his own way.

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