Mow Or Less

In two weeks, Hanah will be 14 years old. In Iowa, that means she’s eligible to get her driver’s learning permit. She’s eligible. I didn’t say she was ready. To that end, Carl and I decided it was time to teach her some driving skills. Carl figured since he learned to drive behind the wheel of a John Deere tractor, what’s good enough for Dad is good enough for the kid. Unfortunately we don’t have the 2010 that Carl grew up driving (I think Loren still uses it at the home place) so Hannah got her lesson on our little 214 garden tractor. In addition to learning to drive, she’s also learning to mow the grass – double bonus. (I think)

Anyway. She started out a little rough. Carl had cut a path for her to follow in the back yard, and she had trouble tracking it. Carl finally had to walk in front of her to show her the spots she needed to get – it’s a slow moving tractor so he was in no danger. Once the back yard was done Carl had her drive through the gate and around to the front yard. She did really well going through the gate, and she did better in the front yard. When she was done Carl teased her about him getting out a lawn chair and having a cold drink while Hannah was out there working. She gave him her “teenage” stare.

The one thing I found interesting about the whole episode is that while Hannah was out mowing the front yard, teenage boys driving and/or riding in various vehicles kept going past our house, calling out and waving to Hannah. She thinks it’s coincidence – I don’t. Guys tend to gravitate toward pretty girls, and also things with motors, and when you put the two together you have an almost irresistable guy magnet. I guess there’s just something about a blonde and a gasoline engine…..

Time to polish the shotgun, Dad!

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