The **it Hits The Fan

Last week, I bought a cow chip bingo ticket from a co-worker. He’s a volunteer firefighter in Keystone, and they had their big fundraiser this past weekend. For those of you who have no idea what cow chip bingo is: a numbered grid is painted on a concrete or asphalt surface, then a pen is constructed around the grid. A cow is put into this pen, and whatever number the cow does its number on wins. Well, it just so happened that when the cow dumped its doots on the grid, it landed on my number. I won $1000! No kidding! $1000 for a pile of cow doots. I was shocked when my co-worker came into my cube today and handed me a check. I was happy, and that check couldn’t have come at a better time because…

…our church basement flooded. It started last Wednesday/Thursday when water seeped up through the floor and soaked the carpet. No one did anything to alleviate the problem during the week, so I called Servicemaster 380 and had them come Saturday afternoon to extract the water. They did, and even though the carpet was still damp it was a definite improvement. Sunday morning, there was some discussion about what should be done, and it was agreed that I should call Servicemaster back and have them remove the carpet, stripping the floor down to the bare concrete. Then last night, it rained. And rained and rained and rained and rained and……the basement flooded. I found this out when I called our pastor at church to see if he’d be around on the morning Servicemaster came. He told me we had standing water in the basement, 3/4 of an inch deep in spots. So I called Carl to have him cut power to the outlets, and he called me from the church building to tell me that it was really bad. Our pastor put out an appeal for help, and I went out and bought a pump. After work I raced home, got the girls and a bunch of tools, and we headed in to church. Some people were already there moving stuff out, and more people arrived shortly thereafter. The pump I’d bought was too tall to suck the water directly off the floor, so we used Shop Vacs to take up the water and then used the pump to empty the Shop Vac tanks. By the time the evening was over everything had been removed from the basement and most of the water had been extracted. However, more water was seeping in at the spots where we’d already extracted, and it got to the point where we could have kept it up all night and not made any headway, so we quit. During all of this we bought pizza, so the helpers did get some supper. It was a pretty good turnout – at one point I think we had four Shop Vacs going simultaneously. But just think: if I hadn’t bought that ticket, I wouldn’t have won $1000, and I couldn’t have afforded a water pump without which we never would have gotten the water out of the basement. We also wouldn’t have had supper. I’m still amazed by this, but I guess I shouldn’t be. After all, no one has a better sense of timing than God. Once again, God was right on time. I think it’s funny, though, that the vehicle He chose to use was a pooping cow.

No one has a better sense of humor than God.

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