Getting Pumped

Mary got her new insulin pump yesterday. It’s this little pink thing about the size of a cell phone. She even has a pink cell phone case to carry it in. The pump has already made a huge difference. Her blood sugars are much more stable, and giving insulin is so easy! You tell the pump how many carbs Mary ate and what her blood sugar was, and the pump tells you how many units of insulin to give her. Then you tell the machine “Go” and it delivers the insulin to her. She even has a glucose meter/remote control that talks to the pump and tells it what to do. That way Mary doesn’t have to take the pump out of the case. It looks like this:

Actually, all you can see is the pump in the case, some of the tubing, and a very happy Mary. I have other pictures, but you’ll have to come to the house to see them because Mary doesn’t want them posted. They’re “too embarrassing”.
Speaking of the house, here are some updated pictures. They were taken at night so you can see the lights that Carl installed. This is as far as the contractor has gotten, but we’re very pleased with what’s been done. Some people think Mike is slow – I say he takes his time and does the job right, and he’s worth the wait. Anyway, the pictures:
This last picture is of the door Mike installed for us, with the porch lights shining through it. Mike and Carl worked on this together because Carl did the electrical and he had to move wiring out of the way in order for Mike to widen the hole to put the new door in. Sunday night we’re going shopping for Christmas lights and stuff to decorate the porch with. We have a special certificate to Theisen’s, so we’re going.
Meanwhile, it’s 11:45 AM here, and I’m getting hungry. I bought a big bag of kettle korn at the Atkins craft show, and the scent of it is filling the house.

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