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Well, the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone. We spent our time in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and we had a great trip! We got to see most of Carl’s family on Thursday, and Friday night we went out to his brother Loren’s for pizza. Also on Friday the girls and I went shopping in downtown Chamberlain (all three blocks of it). We had fun going from store to store. It wasn’t quite the same as going into downtown Davenport with my grandmother, but it was nice, leisurly, uncrowded and friendly. The Chamber of Commerce has a “parade of lights” on Black Friday, and as part of it they have a drawing. During the day you go from store to store getting a card punched, then after the parade you turn in your card for the drawing. I had a card, but we didn’t go back into town for the parade. We figured that Carl hardly ever gets to see his family and it’s more important to spend time with them than to go to a parade and hope I win something. Carl did spend the day with his Mom while us girls were shopping, which was nice. Although, now that I think about it, I wonder what they were talking about….

Anyway. The weather was spectacular for the end of November – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the skies were clear and the temperatures were in the mid 40’s. That only made the shopping more pleasant. Saturday when we had to go home, though, was another story. It was cloudy, windy and cold. We stopped in Mitchell at the Cabela’s store, and running from the truck to the store was nasty. But we managed to find what we wanted there: three pairs of flannel lined jeans for Mary (ladies size four!) and a pair of insulated black bib overalls for Hannah to wear out “in da snow”. Mary needed jeans to wear with the new cowboy boots she got in Chamberlain. I told her she couldn’t wear the boots with the sweatpants that she favors, and since she doesn’t like regular jeans, we got her flannel lined ones because they’re so soft inside. So, mission accomplished. Going home, though, the weather got worse. We ran into drizzle and mist in Minnesota, and by the time we got to Mason City, Iowa, it was snowing. It snowed almost all the rest of the way – it finally quit halfway between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids. Needless to say we had to slow down because the roads were getting slick, and it was really late by the time we pulled into the garage.

The snow chased us home. When we got up the next morning we had three inches on the ground. Then the wind picked up and started drifting it, thus leading to a two hour school delay for the girls today. Ick. I hope this year isn’t a repeat of last year, when there was a delay or cancellation at least once a week from mid-December to mid-March. The girls ended up going to class for an extra week in June. Ew!

Anyway. Now Thanksgiving is past, and Christmas is coming. I really don’t know what to get the girls this year. I know what not to get them: Mary hates Hannah Montana and High School Musical and stuff like that, so I avoid those things. Hannah dislikes anything to do with sports (except for the marching band at football games) so no sports stuff for her. Neither girl wants a video game console (we still don’t have one) and the shopping trip in South Dakota filled in their clothing needs, so I’m kinda out of ideas. The girls aren’t much help – if you ask them what they want they roll their eyes and say “I don’t know!” So shopping is a challenge. But actually, I like a good challenge.

Bring it on!

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