You have to start somewhere

OK, folks, this is my first blog post ever. As a matter of fact, until this past weekend I was only vaguely aware of what blogging was. I knew it had something to do with the Internet – however, to this mother of two it sounded like something that happens when your kids get sick on the school lunch. (“Hello? This is the elementary school calling. Your daughter gagged on the pork sausage and lima bean casserole and blogged all over Miss Wormwood. Can you come get her?”) However, I was introduced to real blogging this past weekend while at my brother’s. It seems that my niece and her husband both had blog sites, so when I got home I read them and became fascinated by the fact that I could blabber inanely on the Web and someone might actually read it! Oh, the unlimited possibilities! But I have to post this first before you can read it, so I shall do just that. Thanks for stopping by!

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