What and Where is Pickle Street?

The text below I wrote in 2001, when I was trying to sell hand painted items at local craft shows.

Pickle Street originated in 1966 in the basement of a small house in Bettendorf, Iowa. There four children, ages three to twelve, created their own imaginary TV variety show with the studio based at “909 Pickle Street”. The children (my brothers and sister and I) sang, danced and told stories, using our creativity to come up with a new “show” every time we played. As we grew older, the house in Bettendorf and the games we played there became happy memories, but each of us took our creativity with us and turned it into new endeavors. Mine is painting, and when the time came to find a name for my business, I chose one based on the place where I first found my imagination. Pickle Street is that place in your mind and heart where love, imagination, creativity and innocence come together and inspire your hands to make beautiful things for others to appreciate and enjoy.

Pickle Street Creations is the “company” I used for my Introduction to E-commerce class, and is also the working name of this website. Someday I might actually go into business for myself again. Never say “never”.

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